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Privacy Policy

The privacy of this website helps us to protect the personal information of the users.

Users share multiple information by themselves and through cookies that can be used for unauthorized access to the account. Hence, we make optimum precautions to protect the information of the user on this website. We can ensure users that whatever information they are sharing with us, we will only use that information for business purposes. You might get promotional emails and advertisements depending upon the information shared with us.


We request our visitors to read the privacy policy carefully before using this website.

This will give you an idea about how we actually protect the information of the users. We ask for the below information from users primarily to maintain our database and provide better information to them.

Personal Information:

To know the background of the users we ask for personal information like name and address. This is very basic information that is mandatory to share while using this website. This information is used to maintain a database of our clients and provide them better information. Apart from this, users have to share their contact information with others. You can also anytime choose to delete this information from our server.

In the privacy policy, we will tell the users that their information is completely safe on this website. We do not share the information of our users with any organization. Also, we will timely inform you about the updates so that you can use this website smoothly.

Finally, we would like to tell users on the behalf of this website that protection of the information is our prime responsiblity. Nor do we take any information from external sources or export any information to other sources. There are external links available on the website that are linked to providing detailed information on that particular topic. We do not mean to share any of the information of users through these links.